This is the Memento Mori Oracle Podcast, where I, Claire Goodchild discuss the history, lore and symbolism of the images depicted in the cards of the Memento Mori Oracle Deck. 

In each episode, you will get to hear the stories and facts behind the objects on one of the cards in the deck. Think of this as less of a traditional guidebook, and more of a deep dive into our curious and often morbid history. One that you can conveniently listen to whenever you want. 

And in case you're brand new here, Memento Mori is an eighty-five card oracle deck (which is similar to Tarot), that depicts the ritualistic objects we use in life and death. Inspired by the iconography of graves, the tools of witchcraft and the advancements of the industrial revolution, this pack of cards purpose is to enrich your life on a deep and profound spiritual level. 

To learn more about Tarot and Oracle reading, or the grab show-notes for each episode, head to blackandthemoon.com

I'll see you tomorrow, August 2nd, for the first full episode, where we will be covering the Horseshoe.


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