The Faces of Lilith

Lilith is a multi-faceted and widely misunderstood creature in Astrology. I call her The Shadow in the Arcana of Astrology, because that is what she is. Every step we take, so does Lilith. She is wild and animalistic, vengeful and petty, erotic and mysterious. 
In the deck her card lives with the Asteroids, but she actually has four forms.
1 - Asteroid Lilith:
On February 11th, 1927 Benjamin Jekhowsky discovered an Asteroid in the belt between Mars and Jupiter. This is known as Lilith's physical body, or her solid form. It represents the first stage of her evolution or soul journey in each person. 
Keywords: oppression, racism, bigotry, buried pain, sexism, domination
2 & 3 - Black Moon Lilith - Mean & True:
This version of Lilith is the apogee of the Moons orbit. Simply put that means the furthest point of said orbit from Earth (she has two nodes: mean and true). Here Lilith is learning and developing knowledge for her evolution. 
When we start to stand up for ourselves, we are often faced with backlash and further punishment. Lilith says no to this and learns to push forward. In fact, she downright destroys those who continue to oppress her. 
Keywords: goddess, feminism, the revolution, sex, equality, liberation, freedom
4 - Dark Moon Lilith:
Some people believe that a second Moon orbits our Earth. Sightings have been reported around the world for hundreds of years. While unsubstantiated, this is where this version of Lilith comes into play. 
This is the Lilith that only shows herself in moments of true intimacy, pain, grief and absolute elation. It is wild energy that stays hidden most of the time - and thankfully so as it can be overwhelming. 
The interesting thing about this last phase of her evolution is it can be positive or negative (in the most raw sense). It is always there. 
Keywords: raw, passion, vengeance, despair, violence, animal instinct, love
Alternate Lilith:
Alternatively some Astrologers view Lilith's forms as: Asteroid, Black Moon, Dark Moon & Stellar. 
You can choose to work with all her forms, or one or two, etc. 
How to Calculate your Lilith:
1. Google "astrodienst extended chart" and open the first link.
2. Input your information.
3. In the Additional Objects section type the following codes into the bar in this format: 1181, h13, h21, h58 - you can choose to omit any you'd like. 
Asteroid Lilith: 1181
Black Moon Lilith/Mean: h21
Black Moon Lilith/Osculating/True: h13
Dark Moon Lilith: h58
Example (using my positions):
Asteroid Lilith: Leo in 10th House
Black Moon Lilith/Mean: Leo in 10th House
Black Moon Lilith/Osculating/True: Virgo in 11th House
Dark Moon Lilith: h58: Sagittarius in 2nd House
- Claire

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