Spiritscopes: Ostara 2024


🌟✨ Spiritscopes are for entertainment purposes only and may not resonate with everyone. Remember to read both your sun sign and your rising sign for a comprehensive outlook on the season ahead. ✨🌟


Aries: Labyrinth


You are being asked to explore the intricate paths and hidden depths of the labyrinth. This symbol invites you to embrace this journey of self-discovery and see where you end up. Like the brave Theseus venturing into the maze, you are urged to navigate the twists and turns of your inner landscape confidently, for within its corridors lie profound revelations.


Taurus: Pins


In this season of growth and abundance, you will encounter the sharp yet transformative energy of pins. Like a skilled seamstress carefully stitching together fabric, you are encouraged to approach your endeavours with meticulous attention and detail. Consider how you can use your resources wisely and direct your efforts towards your goals with purpose. Just as pins hold the fabric in place, trust in your ability to anchor yourself amidst life's fluctuations and uncertainties.


Gemini: Shovel


You're being asked to dig deep into your interests and unearth hidden truths this Ostara season. Embrace your innate curiosity and intellectual agility as you unearth buried insights and discover fresh perspectives. But remember, the true magic lies not just in excavation but in the art of replanting. Use your discoveries to nurture new ideas and sow the seeds of innovation.


Cancer: Daisy Wheel


The daisy wheel is an important protection symbol in English folk magic. You are being asked to think about the importance of fortifying your defences, both in magical practice and everyday life. Embrace the protective qualities of the daisy wheel and channel its energy to shield yourself from negativity and harm.


Leo: Earth (element)


The earth invites you to seize the potential for abundance available around Ostara. Like a seed planted in fertile soil, your efforts have the potential to yield fruitful results. Embrace this auspicious energy and take practical steps towards your goals, just remember to stay focused if you come up against any bumps in the road.


Virgo: Mourning Brooch


The mourning brooch acknowledges moments of loss or disappointment that you may be experiencing. It's natural to feel sadness or regret when things don't go as planned or when we feel like we've lost out on something, but dwelling on it only prolongs the pain. You are encouraged to acknowledge your emotions while also recognizing that life continues to move forward whether we are ready or not. Look beyond what's been lost and focus on what remains.


Libra: Sun


This card signifies optimism, vitality, and abundance, which paves the way to feeling more enthusiastic and joyful. Just as the sun encourages the earth to bloom, you have the potential to reap the rewards right now, as long as you put in a bit of energy upfront.


Scorpio: Scythe


The scythe card symbolizes profound endings, but with those endings always come new beginnings. Just as the seasons change, so do our lives. Allow what no longer serves you to fall away, making space for not only new opportunities but new ways of being.


Sagittarius: Cup


Embrace new emotional opportunities presented to you this spring. Let your intuition guide you, and don't be afraid to dive deep into your feelings. This is a time of emotional growth, and spiritual exploration. Being more in touch with your intuition can lead to new opportunities in all areas of your life. 


Capricorn: Crystal Ball


The appearance of the crystal ball card in your reading signifies a call to embrace your intuition and divination skills. Similar to the energy of the High Priestess in tarot, you are urged to explore the mysterious, trusting in your instincts to guide you through this next season. This card invites you to read signs and symbols to help you navigate the unseen forces that shape your path.


Aquarius: Cage


The cage card indicates a period of feeling trapped or restricted in some way. You may find yourself facing mental barriers or limitations that hinder your progress this Ostara. However, this card also reminds you that these restrictions are often self-imposed. You can break free from the cage as long as you embrace your natural inclination towards innovative thinking and unconventional solutions.


Pisces: Angel


You are naturally attuned to the ebb and flow of emotions, but sometimes, this sensitivity can lead to feelings of vulnerability. Now is the time to trust in the divine protection surrounding you and to be more confident in your spiritual journey. Embrace the nurturing guidance of your ancestors as you navigate the new season. 

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