Tea Leaf Reading Meanings


Tasseography, or tasseomancy, is the conscious act of divining the future or reading spirit messages in the form of images left behind in a cup by loose tea leaves.

The interpretation of these images in cups is a beautiful dance between the reader and the spirit. The reader takes the symbols that appear and tells the story the spirit needs to share.

The following dictionary contains the most common tea-leaf reading symbols and is meant to serve as a jumping-off point for you. I recommend developing your own dictionary of meanings as you become more experienced in the art of Tasseography. 

Remember that the more work you put into developing your interpretation skills, the more you will get out of your readings.

In my book: you will learn receive in-depth instructions on how to perform Tasseography, the history and folklore of tea, what different blends can mean for your readings, as well as what types of spoons to use to add more spiritual energy to your session.

  • Acorn: Prosperity is heading your way. Autumn will be a significant time. 
  • Airplane: Long-distance travel. If it is facing toward you, a visitor is coming from far away.
  • Anchor: Upright: A safe and stable period. Reversed: Being weighed down.
  • Apple: You possess a great deal of knowledge. Growth and opportunity are arriving.
  • Arrow: News is traveling quickly. You’ll be the target of negativity and gossip. 
  • Axe: You can overcome obstacles with effort.
  • Baby: A new beginning or the birth of a child.
  • Balloon: A celebration or party.
  • Bell: Awakening the dead. A funeral procession is arriving. An announcement. Birds: Good luck. Traveling in a group.
  • Boat: A visit from a friend or loved one.
  • Bone: A spirit visitor. Crossbones represent danger.
  • Book: Gathering wisdom. Beginning a class or taking up a hobby.
  • Broom: Clean your surroundings. A change in energy or mindset is needed. 
  • Butterfly: Rebirth and regeneration. A new beginning. A very positive omen. 
  • Candle: Enlightenment. A glimmer of hope. Finding a way.
  • Cat: A cherished pet. Both good luck and bad luck.
  • Chain: Being trapped or stuck in circumstances beyond your control.
  • Circle: The circle of life. Going with the flow.
  • Clock: Time flies. Feeling overwhelmed or under pressure.
  • Clouds: A storm is brewing. Trouble is on the way.
  • Coin: Money is coming. A period of financial stability.
  • Cross: A warning of impending trouble. Delays and setbacks.
  • Cup: Joy and celebration. Having all your needs met.
  • Dagger: A betrayal or being in danger.
  • Dog: A loyal friend. A cherished pet.
  • Dots: Success in business. A winning idea. An unexpected windfall.
  • Duck: Work happening below the surface.
  • Eagle: Facing a challenge. You will be successful.
  • Egg: Nurturing a creative endeavor. If broken, you will face disappointment.
  • Envelope: Unexpected news. Money or bills arriving.
  • Feather: Spiritual fulfillment. A sign from the heavens. A higher power.
  • Fire: Prosperity, security, and warmth entering your life.
  • Fish: The subconscious mind. Focus on your creativity.
  • Flag: Traveling to another nation. Government or political issues.
  • Flowers: Eternal love and beauty. A new beginning or a time of growth. A blossoming partnership or romance. Spring will be a significant time.
  • Goat: Keep your plans secret. Ignore temptation. Avoid gossip.
  • Grapes: A period of abundance and prosperity.
  • Gun: A period of distress or discomfort. Being threatened.
  • Hammer: Overcoming obstacles. Repairing a relationship.
  • Headstone: An ancestor or deceased loved one is present.
  • Heart: A happy and secure relationship. A new relationship or moving to the next level. A very positive omen.
  • Horseshoe: A lucky period. Keep a good luck charm nearby.
  • Hourglass: Beware of danger. Making an important decision. An enemy masquerades as a friend.
  • House: Planning for the future. A strong desire for security. Initials: Represent an important person, place, or thing.
  • Insect: Pay attention to minor details about a project.
  • Kettle: An illness. In search of healing. Reconnect with your community.
  • Key: Living up to your potential. Taking control of a situation.
  • Kite: Period of growth. Feeling excited about what is to come.
  • Knife: Quarrels or disputes. Being betrayed. An injury that takes time to heal from.
  • Ladder: Getting a promotion. Climbing higher on the corporate ladder.
  • Lamp: Uncovering a hidden secret. Navigating a difficult situation. Exposing the truth.
  • Letter: Expect important news or bills soon.
  • Line: Straight: Beginning an important journey. Something or someone life- changing approaches. Wavy: An emotional journey, a period of profound insight. Broken: A journey or relationship is cut short, an ending.
  • Lion: Be courageous now. Take pride in your accomplishments. An influential friend will help you.
  • Lock: Proceed with caution. Obstacles block your way.
  • Log: Hard work yields great rewards.
  • Moon: Spirits roam. Being divinely guided toward success.
  • Mountain: Being surrounded by powerful people. Accomplishing something great with lots of hard work.
  • Mouse: Falling prey to a thief or criminal. Betrayal by a friend.
  • Mushroom: Becoming a leader. Fighting for the respect you deserve.
  • Necklace: Something precious. Having lots of admirers or suitors.
  • Numbers: Days, months, weeks. A birthday or anniversary. A house number.
  • Owl: Seeking wisdom. The gift of second sight. Developing psychic abilities.
  • Palm tree: Material acquisition. Receiving an inheritance. Summer will be a significant time.
  • Parrot: Suffering from imposter syndrome. Someone taking credit for your work.
  • Pine tree: A family gathering. Winter will be a significant time.
  • Question mark: Searching for answers you aren’t meant to know. Ask again later.
  • Rabbit: Fertility and growth. Working hard on a project. Feeling shy or nervous.
  • Rainbow: The spirit of a pet is present. All your wishes will come true.
  • Rake: Tie up loose ends. Create space for new things to flourish.
  • Raven: The gift of prophecy or healing. A warning about a loss or sickness.
  • Ring: A romantic engagement. An offer you can’t refuse.
  • Rose: A symbol of good luck. Everlasting love. Take time to appreciate what you have.
  • Scales: Facing legal issues. Balance and harmony will be restored.
  • Scissors: Breaking free from a toxic situation. A separation is imminent.
  • Shark: Hidden danger. An enemy lurks among friends. Feelings of anxiety and worry.
  • Shell: A spiritual offering. Being protected by your ancestors.
  • Ship: Beginning a long journey. A significant period of time.
  • Shoe: Being on the correct path. Return to simplicity. Adapting to changes.
  • Sickle: Holding on to anger or pain. Lack of self-control or willpower. A long illness or grieving period.
  • Skull: A warning of danger. Power struggles or disputes.
  • Snake: Someone untrustworthy. Small misfortunes and setbacks.
  • Spider: Being recognized for your efforts. Receiving rewards. A time to create.
  • Squirrel: Preparing for the future. Being blessed in love and friendship.
  • Stairs: Spirit communication. Looking at a situation from a new angle. Family matters or situations relating to the home.
  • Star: A very positive omen. An important victory. Keep hope alive.
  • Sun: Finding peace of mind in relation to a difficult situation. Good times ahead.
  • Table: A period of stability. Feeling grounded and supported.
  • Teardrops: Being in mourning. Tears will be shed soon.
  • Tower: A new beginning. A new job.
  • Triangle: Good luck. Fortunate events or meetings.
  • Turtle: Dedication and persistence. Take your time. Be cautious in your actions.
  • Umbrella: Protection from harm. Loved ones are watching over you.
  • Volcano: Emotions are reaching their boiling point. Settle disputes quickly.
  • Wasp: A negative omen. A serious warning. Betrayal by a loved one.
  • Wheel: Keep moving forward. Adopt a positive attitude.
  • Wolf: Loyalty to family and friends. Finding your place in the world.
  • Zebra: A new opportunity. A change in direction.

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