The Bone Rose Tarot Spread

  1. Bone: This card represents the fundamental truth or the foundation of your situation or question. It's about what is solid and unchangeable, the bedrock upon which everything else is built.

  2. Rose: This card reflects the emotional aspects, desires, and the soulful expression related to your query. It symbolizes the beauty, passion, and the heart of the matter, highlighting what you cherish and hold dear.

  3. Thorns: This position reveals the obstacles, challenges, or difficulties you might be facing. It focuses on the protective or potentially painful aspects of your situation, symbolizing the risks and defenses inherent in your path.

  4. Roots: This card uncovers the past influences, showing the underlying factors, history, or events that have shaped your current path or question. It represents the base from which everything in the present has grown.

  5. Bud: This position indicates the nascent potential or the beginning of what's unfolding. It shows the possibilities emerging based on current circumstances, like a bud waiting to bloom.

  6. Water: This card symbolizes nourishment and the essential support needed for the situation to evolve. It reflects how you nurture and sustain your goals and dreams, highlighting the resources and support you have or need.

  7. Prune: This position highlights the changes or adjustments needed for growth. It's about identifying what needs to be removed or altered for better development, focusing on the necessary cuts for health and prosperity.

  8. Blossom: The final card, representing the culmination of all influences, actions, and energies. It symbolizes the ultimate outcome or the final stage of the situation at hand, showing the fruition of all your efforts and the unfolding of potential.

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