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Who is Black and the Moon?

Welcome to Black and the Moon, my name is Claire and I am the sole creator and owner of all the products seen here.  

I can be reached at

 Print Shop:

My art is inspired by my love of Astrology. The planets and the stars are ever moving and changing. I connect strongly to the idea that the moment we are all born is a frozen moment in time, that will never happen again. I use a combination of photoshop, painting, illustration and antique papers to create my pieces. I print, dry and package each one personally. I don't use a printing lab for my prints as I pride myself on the handmade approach to every single piece. 

 Tarot Shop:

The Arcana of Astrology, the Antique Anatomy Tarot and the Oracle of Oddities are designed and created solely by me. It is printed by a trusted manufacturer.


Winner of the 2016 Etsy Awards: Canada - Art & Illustration Category

FLARE Magazine - October 2016 Issue

Breakfast Television Toronto - September 14th 2016

The Frisky - Gift Guide
"These simple constellation prints are so cool and understated, even astrology deniers would appreciate them." 

Mountain Astrologer Magazine - December 2014 Issue - Gift Guide