SPELL: How to close (and open) a spirit door.

Samhain has come and gone, but sometimes the spirits don't get the memo. If you would like to make sure no lingering ghosts are around you, you can do this spell to close the door to the other side. 


  1. Lock & Key (new and unused)
  2. Black Ribbon.
  3. Black Witches Salt (activated charcoal mixed with sea salt, do not ingest).
  4. Two Fresh Rosemary Sprigs.


  1. Make sure to unlock the lock with the key before you begin.
  2. Place a ring of salt around the unlocked lock, key, and two rosemary sprigs.
  3. Take a few breaths and visualize the door to the other side closing.
  4. Take the key and lock the lock.
  5. Tie the black ribbon around the lock. 
  6. Store the lock and key in different areas your home. Keep one sprig of rosemary in each place. In the future, this set can be used to open and close the door when needed. 

4 comentários

  • Lauren elliott

    Found a padlock with coordinating key, the key has a red silky ribbon looped through and the padlock was locked onto the ribbon. Found In home of woman who placed hex on me and persuaded my husband into being with her currently out of state. This has to mean something right?

  • Claire

    Hi Paul,

    I recommend cleansing your home with Juniper and salt!

  • Paul

    How do I unlock the spirit door I have a trapped spirit?

  • Alice

    What if we don’t have fresh rosemary?

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