memento mori oracle general expansion deck on a brown background
memento mori oracle general expansion box and two cards on wooden background
Two oracle cards (deer and witch) from the General Expansion Pack
Three oracle cards (black ink, newspaper, and witch bottle) from the General Expansion Pack.
Two oracle cards (thistle and mandrake root) from the General Expansion Pack
Three oracle cards (frog, moth, and scorpion) from the General Expansion Pack

Memento Mori Expansion: General Pack

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The Memento Mori Oracle Deck Expansion Pack has arrived!

This oracle deck expansion pack is to be used in conjunction with the original Memento Mori Oracle Deck, and is designed to enhance your readings.

The General Expansion Pack contains cards 86-115 (30 total). They are a blend of witchy objects, funeral items, animals and tools - just like the original oracle deck.

Cards in this pack:

Ghost, Angel, Black Ink, Hand of Glory, Corpse, Crow's Foot, Mourning Brooch, Casket Screw, Boot, Deer, Moth, Spinning Wheel, Frog, Witch, Thistle, Pins, Scorpion, Mandrake Root, Sacred Stone, Witch Bottle, Cage, Torch, Executioner, Mining Pick, Newspaper, Hare, Imp, Trunk, Painting, and Casket Plate

Uses for this oracle deck expansion pack include:

  • Traditional oracle divination.
  • Spell-working.
  • Ancestor and spirit communication.

Tech Specs and Important Information:

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  • 30 Cards numbered 86-115
  • Witchy Objects, Animals, Tools and Funeral Imagery
  • Custom Tuck Box
  • Meanings Booklet
  • Standard Tarot Size

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"Memento Mori Oracle quickly rose to the top of my list of favourite decks because of the beautiful artwork, meaningful symbols and the personal relationship we quickly cultivated together. Memento Mori Oracle is a deck that everyone needs in their collection."


"Deeply perceptive, stunningly beautiful, and just as useful in spell-craft as in divination - Memento Mori works hard for your benefit. It also has no problem bossing you around, which I find lovable and hilarious!"


As the guidebook warns, this deck is a direct line to the other side, and must be treated as such in order to maintain that connection.

Do you need this deck? (Yes.)


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