No returns, refunds or cancellations on preorders. No exceptions.

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General FAQ

When will my order ship? The turnaround time for orders is 1-3 business days unless the item is a pre-order.

When will my pre-order ship? Each pre-order listing has its own estimated shipping date in their listing description.

What is your return policy? Full policies can be view here.

How do I cancel my order? Cancellations requests must be made within 12 hours of your purchase. Pre-orders, items marked clearance or final sale, and customized items are not eligible for cancellation.

Does my order have tracking? Please visit the shipping page here.

My item arrived damaged, what should I do? Please email blackandthemoon@gmail.com with your name, order number, receipt slip and photos of the damage.

Where can I find a list of flowers used in the Antique Anatomy Tarot? I designed the Antique Anatomy Tarot deck with colour in mind only. Some of the plants are combinations of multiple types and do not exist in the real world.

My Antique Anatomy Tarot came without a guidebook and only a QR code and now it won't download, can you send me a copy? Unfortunately it sounds like you purchased a bootleg copy of the deck. The only authorized copies contain a large box with a large printed, full colour book. If your deck came in a tin with a LWB, please note that is also a bootleg copy. You can report any bootlegs to blackandthemoon@gmail.com

Where can I buy the Oracle of Oddities trio? This series of decks is currently undergoing a makeover, will be availble for preorder soon.


I own a haunted location, will you investigate it? I'd be happy to! Send me an email with all your details.

I have a haunted object that I don't want, can I send it to you? Yes. Please fill out the contact form below and tell me about the item.

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