Paranormal Investigating Oracle Deck

One of the best things about the Memento Mori Oracle deck, its expansion packs, and Patreon cards is that they allow for a customizable experience. No matter how you want to use the deck, there will be a series of cards that can help you with that.

As a spirit communication specialist, one of my favourite customizations is creating a paranormal investigating oracle deck!

Below, you will find each card I recommend you use for ghost hunting and where you can find it.

Memento Mori Oracle Deck - purchase here
General Expansion - purchase here
Folk Magic Expansion - purchase here
Ancestors & Advisors - purchase here
Patreon Cards - join here

It's important to note that some cards, marked with an asterisk, are exclusive to our annual Patreon subscribers. This is just one of the many benefits of joining our community!

Paranormal Tools and Divination Cards:

Spirit Box - Patreon*
Camera - Patreon*
EMF Reader - Patreon*
REM Device - Patreon*
Divining Rods - Patreon*
Chiromancy - Original MMO
Crystal Ball - Original MMO
Tasseography - Original MMO
Spirit Board - Original MMO
Runes - Folk Magic Expansion
Pendulum - Patreon


Wreath - Original MMO
Lilies - Original MMO
Chrysanthemum - Patreon*
Carnation - Patreon*
Rose - Patreon*
Hyacinth - Patreon*
Forget Me Not - Patreon*
Dahlia - Patreon*
Evening Primrose - Patreon*

Objects and Places:

Viewing Table - Original MMO
Watch - Original MMO
Crown - Original MMO
Embalming Fluid - Original MMO
Casket - Original MMO
Key - Original MMO
Urn - Original MMO
Scissors - Original MMO
Door - Original MMO
Lantern - Original MMO
Perfume - Original MMO
Scale - Original MMO
Broom - Original MMO
Sextant - Original MMO
Obelisk - Original MMO
Glove - Original MMO
Salt - Original MMO
Amputation Saw - Original MMO
Tear Catcher - Original MMO
Letter - Original MMO
Mirror - Original MMO
Hourglass - Original MMO
Ring - Original MMO
Horseshoe - Original MMO
Anchor - Original MMO
Globe - Original MMO
Sign - Original MMO
Whip - Original MMO
Poison - Original MMO
Knife - Original MMO
Rope - Original MMO
Medical Kit - Original MMO
Smoke - Original MMO
Lock - Original MMO
Teapot - Original MMO
Mort Bell - Original MMO
Book - Original MMO
Cup - Original MMO
Cross - Original MMO
Shovel - Original MMO
Scythe - Original MMO
Charm - Original MMO
Ladder - Original MMO
Coins - Original MMO
Harp - Original MMO
Syringe - Original MMO
Pillar - Original MMO
Trunk - General Expansion
Angel - General Expansion
Casket Plate - General Expansion
Casket Screw - General Expansion
Spinning Wheel - General Expansion
Mining Pick - General Expansion
Black Ink - General Expansion
Mourning Brooch - General Expansion
Cage - General Expansion
Chess Piece - Folk Magic Expansion
Coffin Nails - Folk Magic Expansion
Door Knocker - Folk Magic Expansion
Pipe - Folk Magic Expansion
Knitting Needles - Folk Magic Expansion
Diary - Patreon
Graveyard Dirt - Patreon
Sexton’s Tools - Patreon
Photograph - Patreon
Heirloom - Patreon
Cemetery Gate - Patreon
Crossroads - Original MMO
Grave - Original MMO
Gallows - Original MMO
Cemetery - Original MMO

People and Identities:

Aries: Patreon
Taurus: Patreon
Gemini: Patreon
Cancer: Patreon
Leo: Patreon
Virgo: Patreon
Libra: Patreon
Scorpio: Patreon
Sagittarius: Patreon
Capricorn: Patreon
Aquarius: Patreon
Pisces: Patreon  

Man: Original MMO
Woman: Original MMO
Child: Original MMO
Plague Doctor: Original MMO
Widow and Widower: Patreon
Ghost: General Expansion
Executioner: General Expansion
Witch: General Expansion
Friend: Ancestors & Advisors Expansion
Foe: Ancestors & Advisors Expansion
Teacher: Ancestors & Advisors Expansion
Student: Ancestors & Advisors Expansion
Partner: Ancestors & Advisors Expansion
Spouse: Ancestors & Advisors Expansion

She/Her: Ancestors & Advisors Expansion
He/Him: Ancestors & Advisors Expansion
They/Them: Ancestors & Advisors Expansion

Grandmother: Ancestors & Advisors Expansion
Grandfather: Ancestors & Advisors Expansion
Mother: Ancestors & Advisors Expansion
Father: Ancestors & Advisors Expansion
Aunt: Ancestors & Advisors Expansion
Uncle: Ancestors & Advisors Expansion
Sister: Ancestors & Advisors Expansion
Brother: Ancestors & Advisors Expansion
Granddaughter: Ancestors & Advisors Expansion
Grandson: Ancestors & Advisors Expansion
Niece: Ancestors & Advisors Expansion
Nephew: Ancestors & Advisors Expansion
Cousin: Ancestors & Advisors Expansion

So which cards will you be adding to your paranormal investigating oracle deck?

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