Memento Mori Expansion Review - Courtesy of Codi Popovich

By this time, I trust you’ve seen the Memento Mori Oracle deck. If not, you can check out my review of it here and purchase it here. It’s one of my all-time favorite oracle decks, and one of the best things about it is that Claire Goodchild of Black and the Moon has released three expansion packs for it: General, Ancestors and Advisors, and Timing.

I wanted to talk a little bit about the expansion packs because, while they’re obviously cards meant to expand the original deck, they can also be used on their own.

The General Expansion Pack is a 30-card addition to the original Memento Mori Oracle. It contains things like Spinning Wheel and Hand of Glory, and also has several characters, such as Executioner, Witch, and Imp. This expansion melts easily into the original deck, leaving it 30 cards thicker, but it’s also usable just as itself. 

The Ancestors and Advisors Expansion Pack is the slimmest of the expansions, with 25 cards. This is a deck full of people cards, with everything from Mother and Grandfather to Foe, Student, and Spirit Guide.

This is the most perfect pack of cards for work with ancestors, spirits, and the dead. You can use it in a “Who am I talking to” way, or you can consciously choose a card to symbolize someone you’re trying to contact.

Personally, I’ve kept this expansion pack seperate from the rest of the deck, but it could be shuffled in without a problem.

The newest and largest of these is the Timing Expansion Pack, with 42 cards. This pack is designed to help you narrow down a time frame for your reading. It’s got months, days, seasons, hours, day parts…everything.

Eerily accurate, I’ve kept this expansion pack seperate from the original deck so I can draw from it with other decks too.

As you can see, a couple of these expansion packs can also function with other decks as well. They’re fantastic additions to any deck collection, especially for any Black and the Moon fans.

These are all independently published decks and, by nature, go in and out of print. Check out Black and the Moon to see what’s currently in print or pre-sale.

All three of these expansion packs are both beautiful and usable, perfect for spellwork, meditation, or altar spaces as well as readings.

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