Candle Colour Correspondences

  • Light Green: Growth, healing, and new beginnings. Often used in spells for prosperity or healing.
  • Dark Green: Ambition, financial success, and fertility. It's associated with the richness of nature and profound, enduring growth.
  • Lime Green: Creativity, charm, and enthusiasm. Useful for spells that encourage ingenuity or attract positive attention.
  • Forest Green: Nature, animal healing, and tree magic. It represents deep connections to the earth and the vastness of the natural world.
  • Bright Red: Passion, strength, and courage. They are used to enhance vitality, love, and determination.
  • Dark Red: Deep love, potency, and vitality. It can be used for survival, ancestral work, and serious commitments.
  • Burgundy: Wealth, sophistication, and success. It signifies the attainment of personal ambitions.
  • Light Blue: Peace, tranquillity, and understanding. It's ideal for calming situations and promoting the healing of the mind.
  • Royal Blue: Protection, focus, and truth. They are used in spells for wisdom, deep meditation, and seeking the truth.
  • Navy Blue: Depth, intuition, and dream work. It helps to access the subconscious, work with deep fears, or explore the psychic.
  • Bright Yellow: Intellect, creativity, and joy. Enhances learning, logic, and imagination.
  • Gold: The God, solar energy, and power. It's associated with divine forces, outstanding achievements, and success.
  • Mustard Yellow: Confidence, attraction, and persuasion. It is helpful to make a strong impression or persuade someone.
  • Lavender: Spiritual healing, tranquillity, and higher consciousness. It supports meditation, mental peace, and spiritual growth.
  • Violet: Psychic abilities, inspiration, and magick. It's powerful for spells involving prophecy, ambition, and spiritual protection.
  • Deep Purple: Mastery, power, and ambition. It is helpful for deep spiritual practices, contacting higher authorities, or magical dominance.
  • Bright Orange: Attraction, stimulation, and adaptability. It's excellent for spells that require energy, encouragement, and adaptability.
  • Burnt Orange: Legal matters, justice, and strength. Supports spells that seek justice or need an extra boost of courage.
  • Soft Pink: Romantic love, friendship, and self-care. It is ideal for nurturing, healing emotional wounds, and fostering gentle love.
  • Hot Pink: Fun, vibrancy, and attention. Use it for spells that require boldness, immediate attraction, and quick results.
  • Black: Protection, banishing, and rebirth. It's used to absorb negativity, protect spells, and end situations.
  • Light Brown: Finding lost things, animal magic, and stability. It's practical for grounding and working with animal guides.
  • Dark Brown: Earth, grounding, and decision-making. It helps make wise decisions, stabilize, and connect with the earth.
  • Pure White: Purity, truth, and protection. It's a universal candle for all types of work, representing pure energy and clarity.
  • Ivory: Peace, elegance, and neutrality. It is helpful for spells that require a soft influence or to neutralize negative energies.
  • Silver: The Goddess, moon magic, and intuition. Silver candles enhance psychic abilities, honour the Goddess, and connect with lunar energies. They're ideal for dreams, psychic development, and astral travel rituals.

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