Oracle Meaning:

Protection from evil and harm. Protects the home when hung above a door. A lucky profession. Mastering a skill. A helpful stranger will arrive.

Lenormand Meaning:

In Lenormand, the Horseshoe card is called the Rider. It symbolizes messages, updates, or events that are approaching rapidly. These messages bring opportunities, changes, or shifts in your life. Like a messenger on horseback, this card suggests that something is approaching you, and you should be ready to receive it. The Rider card can also signify the start of a new venture or exploration phase. It encourages you to be open to new experiences and embrace the unknown with curiosity and enthusiasm.


Good Luck Charm: One of the most well-known beliefs is that horseshoes bring good luck and protect against evil spirits. It's often hung over doorways, with the open end facing upwards to catch and hold onto the luck. This practice originated in Europe, particularly in England and Ireland.

Iron and Protection: Craftsmen typically forge horseshoes from iron, a metal regarded for its protective properties. People believed that iron could repel malevolent beings such as witches, fairies, and evil spirits.

U-Shape Symbolism: People have linked the U-shape of the horseshoe with symbolism connected to fertility, protection, and the moon due to its crescent shape.

Hanging Horseshoes: In some traditions, nailing a horseshoe above a door is believed to be more potent if it is found rather than purchased. Additionally, the number of nails used can carry significance. Seven nails, for example, were thought to be incredibly potent. The direction in which a horseshoe is hung can have different meanings. Hanging it with the open end facing upward is said to gather and hold luck. Hanging it with the open end facing downward is believed to shower luck and protection on those who pass beneath it.

Used Horseshoes: Some people believe a shoe a horse has worn is more effective in bringing good luck. The horseshoe has already absorbed the horse's energy and strength.

Protection: Travellers often carried horseshoes to ensure safe journeys and protect against accidents. They were regarded as a means of clearing obstacles and dangers from the traveler's path.