Flower Power Ritual Salt - Black and the Moon
Flower Power Ritual Salt - Black and the Moon

Flower Power Ritual Salt

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Product Name: Flower Power Ritual Salt

Description: Inspired by the gods and goddesses of spring, our Flower Power Ritual Salt embodies the essence of rebirth and renewal. Crafted for purification, spell enhancement, offerings, and protection, this vibrant ritual salt blend combines the potent energies of nature with the delicate strength of spring's blooms. It's an essential tool for anyone looking to cleanse their space, amplify their magical workings, honour the divine, or secure their spiritual environment.


  • Versatile Magic: The perfect ritual salt for adding to mop water for spiritual cleansing, placing around candles for focused intention, or incorporating into sachets, plackets, and poppets for protection and charm work.
  • Offerings: Ideal for leaving as offerings on altars to show reverence to deities, spirits, or the natural world, acknowledging the beauty and power of the floral kingdom shared by all.
  • Spell Enhancement: Sprinkle around your ritual area to magnify the potency of your spells, creating a fertile ground for your intentions to bloom.
  • Protection: Lay a line of this ritual salt at doorways or around your home to shield against unwanted energies, creating a sanctuary of peace and safety.

Care Instructions:

  • Stir Occasionally: The natural blend may settle; stir or shake gently to maintain its magical integrity.
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to preserve its vibrancy and efficacy.

Product Details:

  • Content: 1 jar of Flower Power Ritual Salt (4oz bottle)
  • Ingredients: A harmonious blend of natural salts and flower petals, carefully selected for their spiritual significance, purifying properties, and aromatic allure.
  • Packaging: Comes in an glass, resealable jar for convenient use and sustainable storage.

Enhance Your Spiritual Practice: Let the renewing energies of our Flower Power Ritual Salt guide your spiritual journey. Whether deepening your practice, seeking protection, honoring the divine, or simply adding a touch of magic to your daily life, this salt, inspired by the nurturing power of spring's deities, is a versatile and potent ally. Embrace its myriad uses to create a space that is purified, protected, and thriving with the vibrant energies of nature.

Safety & Usage Disclaimer: While Flower Power Ritual Salt is suitable for use around candles, always practice fire safety and monitor any open flames. This product is designed for spiritual practices and should be used with respect for its intended purposes. This product is not for ingestion or cosmetic purposes.

Please note that all magical items, including our Flower Power Ritual Salt, are sold as curiousities and are intended for entertainment purposes only. They do not constitute medical, physical, or spiritual advice and should not be used as a substitute for professional guidance in any sphere of life. Our metaphysical products are designed to complement, not replace, traditional forms of support and healing.

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